Our Packages.

NFP have developed a range of financial services, tailored to meet each of our client’s financial life stages. Our service packages are flexible, easily understood and priced competitively. At every stage we seek to provide our clients with the greatest opportunity to protect and grow your wealth.

Life protection Package

When commencing full time employment every individual should consider protecting their greatest asset; You!

Investor Plus

Our life our financial circumstances continuously change and the responsibilities of every day life often cloud our judgement

Private Client Services

The Private Client Service Package is designed for investors with assets (outside of the family home) of greater than $250,000.

Estate Planning

Before acting on our advice, you should seek the professional advice and services of a solicitor. Alternatively, visit Law Central a

How we ensure that you achieve your goals

Meet and identify your current position and existing arrangements

Complete a detailed client profile and financial review

Understand what you want to achieve and when, including your specific personal and professional goals and objectives

Design for you the most effective strategy, detailed to you in a report outlining our specific recommendations involving the adjustments needed to your present course

Implement your wishes

Monitor your progress and report regularly so we can constantly focus on your goals and objectives

Work with your solicitor, accountant or stockbroker. Our aim is not to replace them.

What you will receive from us

You are assured of reliable and professional advice

Honesty, integrity and confidentiality in our business relationship

Our advice will always be sound, objective and in your best interests

We will recommend investments and strategies that are tailor-made for your requirements

We will provide our recommendations in writing, in simple easy to understand terms.

Regular communications, updates and reviews of your portfolio

Introduce new concepts and ideas as they evolve, relevant to your business and personal situations

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